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When did you fall in love with @filamentphp magic and why? 🤔

Ah! that's a great question.

TBH, I found filament accidently from the stackoverflow when I was finding one solution in last April 2023. 😄

And same day I start searching more about filament, and I was very impressed, like this kind of packages are available to make developers life easy!

So, within 2 3 Hours I completed CRUD from YouTube - CodeWithTony, and how clean UI and customization of forms, tables is very easy - my mind is blow away and very excited to share this things to my colleagues.

Their community is also very good and supportive. Dan, Zep, Ryan. If you have any doubt/query just post in their discussion.

When V3 introduce, it's completely game changer with their panels, forms, infolists, widgets, clusters and clean UI.😍
Now, I am very active in Filament / Livewire stuff.