Laravel Artisans (Laravel Errors)


The #LaravelErrors community helps with your #programming issues! Share your #errors and #problems with us, and we'll help you solve them. Plus, by helping others, you'll improve your own skills too. Get valuable #Tips and #Tricks too 🙌🙌

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Do you have a website?
I coud not find a website for Laravel Errors.

No, we don't have website.

We are currently community on Telegram.

(No plans for website for now and we don't have any ideas how we can help Artisans on website)

Telegram is here:

We planned for Discord but community still like telegram for most of the time.

Thanks for asking 🙏




Why you changed the name? đŸ€”

We initially formed the group to assist each other with problems and errors related to Laravel, hence the name 'Laravel Errors.'

However, as our group evolved, we began sharing news, tips, blogs, tutorials, and engaging in discussions, alongside solving errors. The name 'Laravel Errors' no longer fully represents the diverse range of activities we undertake.

Therefore, we chose to upgrade ourselves to 'Laravel Artisans' to better reflect our broader scope and make our purpose more apparent. Not only does 'Laravel Artisans' better encompass the diverse range of activities we now undertake, but it also reflects our dedication to mastering our craft and sharing valuable insights within the Laravel community.

For more: @MrPunyapal