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Do you recommend any Telegram channel or group for Laravel? 🤔

Yes, here is @LaravelErrors, where you can find solutions to your errors or doubts.

There are many topic sections such as Livewire, Filament, JavaScript, Packages, News, PHP, Tutorials, Blogs, etc.

You can share your content links or find others' content.

Here is the quick link to join: telegram.me/LaravelErrors



Any idea how to hide the sensitive key information like stripe key or pusher key used in js file which is required to be used there.

No need to keep it under wraps!

Don't worry, they can't do anything with it anyway. Public keys like these are meant to be openly displayed, and they're secure against any misuse.

I hope you were not asking about something like private key or secret key!




How do i pass parameter to CheckRole::class in AdminPanelProvider filamentphp?

What kind of data you wanna pass? 🤔

I mean if you pass the data here it will be same all the time...

If you have multiple panels you may detect the panel in Middleware itself and write logic depends on it. If you have multiple tenants you can find current tenant too.

Leverage Filament Facade!