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What should be the purpose for learning Rust?
What are the real life stuff I can build with it

Excellent question. You can build anything and everything with Rust!

It's quite popular in the blockchain/crypto world (not my cup of tea personally). People have built entire operating systems, programming language compilers & interpreters. People build web services with Rust (Cloudflare are well known for using Rust on their servers).

Want to write some "blazingly fast" command-line apps? You can do that with Rust!



Do you plan to create a laravel like framework in rust?

I've experimented with the idea a little bit, yes.

The server-side development story in Rust is very similar to the Node.js story – there's very few monolithic frameworks like Laravel or Rails, the majority of apps are microservices, or pieced together like Express apps.

This sort of project would be a huge undertaking, but I think it would also be very interesting to explore further with a few other developers who are interested in the idea.